The playing field isn’t level for all women.

A Hong Kong study found that cultural differences in collectivism and individualism impact significantly on perceptions of organisational justice and gender equity. Even when we try and level the playing field, there are many subjective cultural differences that influence how we experience these attempts.


Mother Nature Needs Her Daughters: A Homeward Bound Global Review and Fact Sheet Investigating Gender Inequality in STEMM

Prepared by Fabian Dattner, Homeward Bound CEO and Co-founder;
Dr Mary-Ellen Feeney, Jacobs Group (Australia); and
Professor Tonia Gray, Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University.
Compiled by Homeward Bound Alumni from 2018 & 2019

Copies can be download at https://doi.org/10.26183/5d22d5fbe2349

Online version here.

The effects of cultural types on perceptions of justice and gender inequity in the workplace.

Hang-yue N, Foley S, and Loi, R. (2006) The International Journal of Human Resource Management. 17(6):983-98

DOI: 10.1080/09585190600693264

She’s Price(d)less: The economics of the gender pay gap

While anyone can be on the receiving end of disrespectful behaviour, microaggressions are directed at people with less power, such as women, people of color, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people.



HBCUs, Black Women, and STEM Success

ACE – The ability to compete in the global market is contingent upon our ability to maximize resources that educate and prepare a diverse pipeline of students who understand the necessity of global citizenship.


5 issues that Indigenous students face globally — and how you can help

Indigenous children around the world have long been denied the right to celebrate their roots while getting a comprehensive education. They’re up against major inequalities, from structural racism embedded in school systems to inaccurate retellings of history.



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