Women advance more slowly while men in women-dominated fields advance quickly.

Women working in male-dominated careers generally suffer slow promotion rates whereas men working in women-dominated careers advance quickly. It’s what researchers call the glass escalator effect.


Mother Nature Needs Her Daughters: A Homeward Bound Global Review and Fact Sheet Investigating Gender Inequality in STEMM

Prepared by Fabian Dattner, Homeward Bound CEO and Co-founder;
Dr Mary-Ellen Feeney, Jacobs Group (Australia); and
Professor Tonia Gray, Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University.
Compiled by Homeward Bound Alumni from 2018 & 2019

Copies can be download at https://doi.org/10.26183/5d22d5fbe2349

Online version here.

The glass escalator: Hidden advantages for men in the “female” professions.

Williams CL. (1992) Social Problems. 39(3):253–67


Gender Stereotypes Stem from the Distribution of Women and Men in Social Roles

A recent study that compared current beliefs about what characterises a good manager with beliefs of the past three decades found that people continue to ascribe stereotypically masculine traits, such as dominance, intuitiveness and emotional stability to good managers. “Think manager – think man.”



The Other Wage Gap: Why Men In Female-Dominated Industries Still Earn More

FAST COMPANY – You likely know that the national gender wage gap for women hovers around an average of 77 cents to every dollar men make and that the gap widens in male-dominated STEM fields.

But there is another equally persistent inequality: Men in traditionally women-dominated fields such as nursing, teaching, and childcare still get paid more.



A New Obstacle For Professional Women: The Glass Escalator

FORBES – First there was a closed door. Once it was opened and women started flooding the labor market and taking on the male-dominated corporate world, they then hit a glass ceiling—the unseen barrier that keeps them from rising to senior-level management. Now, they must contend with yet another advancement obstacle, the “glass escalator.” While women climb the ladder in female-dominated professions, their male peers glide past them on an invisible escalator, shooting straight to the top.



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