Culture shapes men’s behaviour towards women.

Gender stereotyping and workplace culture still remain key barriers to women progressing in STEMM professions. One survey found 39% of women felt less likely to be listened to when providing technical advice, 37% felt like they had to “become one of the boys” if they wanted to “fit into” their workplace and only 33% believed that clients respected the professional opinions of men and women equally.


Mother Nature Needs Her Daughters: A Homeward Bound Global Review and Fact Sheet Investigating Gender Inequality in STEMM

Prepared by Fabian Dattner, Homeward Bound CEO and Co-founder;
Dr Mary-Ellen Feeney, Jacobs Group (Australia); and
Professor Tonia Gray, Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University.
Compiled by Homeward Bound Alumni from 2018 & 2019

Copies can be download at https://doi.org/10.26183/5d22d5fbe2349

Online version here.

All Talk, Gap Between Policy and Practice a Key Obstacle to Gender Equity In STEM

Professionals Australia (2018) All Talk, Gap Between Policy and Practice a Key Obstacle to Gender Equity In STEM. 2018 Women in STEM Professions Survey Report.


Using implicit bias training to improve attitudes toward women in STEM

Diversity training on university faculty found that implicit associations about women in STEMM improved for men. Women’s associations around women in STEMM remained unchanged, as they already tended towards positive implicit associations



Does Your Workplace Culture Breed Biases? 8 Essential Tips To Eliminate Them.

FORBES – Even though most companies offer some form of diversity training every year, may have addressed, and incorporated diversity and inclusion in their vision and mission statements, discrimination continues to occur in the United States culture.


How Cultural Diversity Affects Women in the Workplace

It’s essential to understand and get cultural diversity and gender inclusion right in the workplace. More and more, companies have been focusing on the importance of diversity and inclusion. To understand how cultural diversity affects women in the workplace, it’s essential to understand both cultural and gender diversity more broadly.



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