Many women in STEMM struggle with sexual harassment.

55% of women in senior leadership, 48% of lesbian women and 45% of women in technical fields report they’ve been sexually harassed. A common thread connects them: research found that women who don’t conform to traditional feminine expectations—by holding authority, not being heterosexual, or working in male— dominated fields are often the targets of sexual harassment.


Mother Nature Needs Her Daughters: A Homeward Bound Global Review and Fact Sheet Investigating Gender Inequality in STEMM

Prepared by Fabian Dattner, Homeward Bound CEO and Co-founder;
Dr Mary-Ellen Feeney, Jacobs Group (Australia); and
Professor Tonia Gray, Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University.
Compiled by Homeward Bound Alumni from 2018 & 2019

Copies can be download at https://doi.org/10.26183/5d22d5fbe2349

Online version here.

Gender segregation in Australia’s workforce. Factsheet series

McKinsey & Company (2018) Delivering through Diversity 


(accessed August 2019).

Double jeopardy in astronomy and planetary science: Women of color face greater risks of gendered and racial harassment

Working within a favourable diversity climate is unlikely for women of colour who face double jeopardy in hostile work experiences—reporting more frequent experiences of inappropriate remarks, harassment, and assault based on race and gender than any other group.


Gender Discrimination in Physics and Astronomy: Graduate Student Experiences of Sexism and Gender Microaggressions

71% of women in STEMM have experienced harassment. It’s a shared reality. 23% of these women reported assaults against them, often early in their career.



Panelists discuss workplace sexual harassment of women in STEM

STANFORD DAILY – Current legal mechanisms are not sufficient for reducing the prevalence of sexual harassment in STEM academia, and that continued harassment — beyond being injurious to survivors themselves — can lead to damaged research integrity and a “costly loss of talent.”


Sexual harassment in STEM: 'It's tragic for society'

CNN – These are the experiences of three women who spoke to CNN about a culture of pervasive sexual harassment in academia, especially in the sciences. They were harassed by different men, throughout different parts of their education and careers.



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